We exist to help contractors scale, adapt and maintain their agility in an ever-changing market. Born through decades of doing it the hard way, NOX helps contractors navigate their most essential needs, accelerating their overall business.

As experts in our industry, we infuse the following accelerators into every interaction and project:



Our solutions at NOX are centered around project design and planning, material handling. NOX is simply a culmination of time, research, trial and error, and ultimately the expertise delivered to the contractors we serve. Join us in boldly moving the construction industry forward – so you can build more, faster.





NOX has discovered that by supplying turn-key solutions for many of the challenges contractors face, internal resources are utilized for what they were intended and material and labor costs shrink.

By providing value-added services to the construction industry, NOX is able to make an impact on the industry, proudly serving contractors, vendors, and distributors throughout the United States.


Aaron Thompson

President of NOX Innovations

Although Aaron first started out in banking, he left for better pay and because he had a desire to build and be outside. From there, he went to work for an HVAC company and a while later landed at Corbins as an Electrician, where he exponentially grew in his career. From Foreman all the way to VP of Design & Fabrication and many positions in-between, Aaron was asked in 2019 to lead as President, the company that we know today as NOX Innovations.

He’s loved the ability to create his own future and path within the company, and that NOX has always invested in him what he was willing to invest in himself.

Some of his best memories have been watching those around him grow into leaders. Especially seeing those he’s personally mentored or hired surpass his own abilities and expectations.

His proudest accomplishment is being a father and watching his twin daughters grow into amazing young women, personally, spiritually, and academically.

Outside of the office you can find Aaron doing anything outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

Tyler Curtis

VP of Fabrication

Prior to joining the team at NOX Innovations, Tyler spent 15 years in construction with a primary focus on metal fabrication. After starting his career as a metal fabricator, over time he was given additional responsibilities that led him into various opportunities to take on project and operational management roles.

Tyler says the culture at NOX is something you can feel when you walk through the doors. The team is, hands down, his favorite aspect of the company. Being able to work with a group of highly skilled individuals who work together to implement cutting edge ideas and practices that push the limits of what can be accomplished, has been a highlight for him in the last few years. He says that these experiences have allowed him to be a better husband and father to his girls.

Tyler loves spending as much time as he can with his family in the outdoors, whether it’s at a beach, in the mountains, on a lake, or down a dusty road!

Brian Pemberton

VP of Virtual Design & Construction

After graduating from ASU, Brian worked for 3 years in aerospace design. He had a schoolmate working for a large mechanical contractor reach out to ask if he would be interested in running their fab shop and BIM department. After 10 years in the mechanical world, he made the switch to run the BIM department at NOX Innovations.

Brian enjoys the example of “trust in the team” set by leadership at NOX. Early on, he heard this quote by Steve Jobs, “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do. We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” Brian loves seeing this perspective lived out by his teams and believes it is something that sets NOX apart in the industry.

One of his favorite moments was experiencing the daily huddle for the first time, where they were discussing a jobsite issue that could have improved. Ownership was taken, support was emphasized, and lack of communication was established at the root cause. What could have been looked at as a minor setback was handled with such care and seen as a commitment that wasn’t fulfilled to a client. This example of leadership was huge for him.

Brian is most proud of his accomplishment graduating with engineering degrees from ASU and University of Michigan and his hobbies include spending time with family, traveling, and outdoor activities like camping and hiking.

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